Bodywork for the Body-mind.



Therapeutic Bodywork- A mixture of modalities custom fit for your body.  Integrating deep tissue, Swedish, Cupping and Breath Work to replenish balance and wellbeing.


Therapeutic Bodywork-

60 minutes  $75

75 minutes  $90

90 minutes $105


Ayurvedic Bodywork- ( abhyanga) A warm herbal oil massage suited for the individual to bring harmony to the body and mind by relaxing muscle tension and soothing the nervous system. 


Ayurvedic Bodywork-

60 minutes $80

90 minutes $110


Marma Point Bodywork-    Marmas (or pressure points)  located throughout the body are treated with a customized session utilizing specific pressure, medicated herbal oils or aromatic oils mixed with massage and breath work to open blocked energy while relieving pain and tension.  

Marma Point Bodywork-

60 minutes $80

90 minutes $110


* Brooke is a NO TIP practitioner



Ayurvedic Health Care-  Offered by Greta Kent-Stoll,  a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist.  Greta works with you on diet, lifesytle modifications, and herbal therapies. For more information, please visit her website.